EP Offered Working From Home support by Airing Free Product Training Remotely

While the Coronavirus is keeping many of us in the home office, EP started to host a series of free online training to offer our customers a new way to learn more about EP’s latest technology development and to empower our dealers’ sales skills to the next level.

Since the end of March 3 training sessions have been hosted so far with unbelievable feedback from our dealer base all around the world.

More than 900 participants from 18 countries across the globe participated in EP online trainings with the goal to revolutionize the industry by Li-Ion powered equipment. Some of the participants from Peru or Argentina got up as early as 3 AM in the early morning to join this global event.

Electric Pallet Truck Remote Training

Due to the huge success of the event, EP will continue to hold these weekly trainings throughout the international lockdown period and use online training in general for the future education and community building within the EP family.

The trainings are hosted in small chunks of information. 45 Minutes of pure knowledge & sales tricks are combined with a Q&A Session to answer all the questions from the international audience. Keeping the training short while offering in-depth information and success stories from all over the world. Arjan van Zanten, Director of EP Care Dealer Support, and Bennit Schmieder, EP Sales & Marketing Director, host these sessions together to keep a natural flow and discussion going on with the audience.

Training #1 – New electric pallet trucks

The first training was all about the new series of electric pallet trucks, introduced by EP in March 2020. The EPL 154 & EPL 185 are the new flagship models in the large range of electric pallet trucks at EP Equipment. The training pushed the limits of online training as the room quickly filled up and the IT resources could not keep up with the demand.

Key takeaway #1: The next generation electric pallet trucks: EPL154/185

EPL 154 Hand Pallet Truck


EPL154 & EPL185 features an upgraded Plug&Play li-ion battery system. Due to optimized chassis design, the EPL154/185’s truck length is optimized to 400mm for usage in confined spaces. The integrated charger offers the operator a maximum in flexibility while keeping the option of spare batteries at hand. With the upgraded motor option of 48V the series of pallet trucks can now carry up to 1.8to in capacity at higher driving speed and gradeability. A true revolution when it comes to pallet trucks.



Training #2 – Lithium-Ion forklift trucks

The second training was all about the new generation Lithium-Ion forklift trucks. A real revolution from EP Equipment. Starting with the EFL 181 EP developed the entry-level forklift to tackle not only the used equipment market but make Li-Ion technology available to everyone. With the CPD 20L2 EP also introduced a revolutionary high performance 3 wheel truck in the training. During the training, we faced some technical issues, when more than 200 participants wanted to join the training from all over the world to learn more about these amazing machines.

Key takeaway #2: EFL181 and CPD20L2:  The new electric forklifts tailored for unique market needs.

EFL 181 Electric Forklift

Different from traditional diesel trucks for heavy-duty applications, EFL181 is an electric forklift designed to be used in the yard, in the countryside, or for sideways loading with occasional usage. The new 230V model comes with electric power steering for lower energy consumption and gives customers the choice in battery technology to suit their needs. An on-board charger allows operators to charge the forklift anytime and anywhere to save charging space and maintain work productivity.

3-Wheel Electric Forklift



CPD20L2 is another powerful li-ion battery techonology option for 3-wheel forklift market. It is a premier solution for mid to large warehouses, docks, side bay lorry, logistics. Designed for better ergonomics at high intensity shifts and long working hours, CPD20L2 provides powerful lifting performance and the best in operator comfort.




Training #3 – Lithium Ion technology

As the participants learned more about our new line up of Li-Ion products, the questions came up to learn more about the technology behind the trucks. During the third training, we really went into depths of Li-Ion technology, chemistry and specifications to ensure our partners can explain the differences to their customers.

Key Takeaways #3: How to make the right choice in battery technology to suit your need? EP’s LFP Li-ion battery is the answer.

Li-ion Pallet Truck Battery

Apart from all these great electric vehicles, Arjan and Bennit also brought the safety of li-ion battery to attendee’s attention on the 3rd training session.  EP adopts the LFP batteries to avoid the high possibility of inflammation and explosion caused by punctures or being overheated. Along with EP’s exclusive BMS system, the condition of the li-ion battery could be well-monitored. It secures the safety of EP LiST trucks when operating in full shifts, while reducing carbon footprints to align with global standards.


With huge amount of positive feedback we received from participants, EP will keep offering more amazing and informative topics to help our dealers to stay in the know of warehouse equipment evolution and the must-have sales skills to bring their business to the next level. Contact us if you are interested in joining EP’s next training. Or connect us on Linkedln for more company activities.