Seeing LogiMAT has announced it’s canceled due to an official injunction, EP decided to organize the 2020 product launch event in EP Distribution Center in Belgium to celebrate the hard work and showcase the latest products with EP dealers and customers.

At the event on March 11-13, EP announced three categories of new Li-ion-powered models: EPL154/185 with upgraded battery connector for durability enforcement, EFL181 the next real revolution in entry-level forklift trucks and CPD20L2 the new premium solution for logistics and heavy-duty warehouse usage. Julian Büter, responsible for sales in Germany, and Michael Smith, responsible for France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, invited customers from all countries to try out the latest innovations. Planned as a product launch event, customers could not wait to place orders and the first stock units where gone within a few hours. “Our customers seem to be as excited as we are about our innovative forklift trucks. Order intake from the event is more than we could ever expect, and we look forward to seeing the trucks in the field. In the future, we will continue to invest in dealer networking events as we are only strong as a team!” Says Bennit Schmieder, Director Sales & Marketing at EP Equipment.

EP is using latest Li-Ion technology to change the truck’s concept from the ground up. Featuring opportunity charging and longer battery life, the new array of EP March collection focusing on boosting users’ productivity with a competitive price. From the feedback of the event, we can tell, that Li-Ion optimized trucks solve the problems many customers face with their current equipment.

“We’ve had the great pleasure of speaking and meeting people from all over Europe at this customer event. We took this chance to gain insights on customers’ needs, and hear what they have to say about our services and latest work.” Said Michael Smith, Regional Sales Director.

Starting 2020, EP also offers quarterly technical training on EP products for all customers in Europe at the Belgium distribution center. The training sessions are designed to empower EP customers to have the knowledge necessary to provide professional and timely maintenance services to reinforce end-customer experiences with powered industrial trucks.

Lynn Smith, DC Manager EP Equipment Europe, announced the training program at the end of the 2020 EP Launch Event as a plus. “We would like to build a community to help our dealers to generate loyal customers and grow EP brand together in the long duration. This deepens both relationships and knowledge to propel business forward for us and for our customers.”

All of EP March releases will be available in Europe starting as of now. The associated training service is provided regularly at the Belgium distribution center to all customers. For further RSVP information, please feel free to contact your EP representatives, or email us at for upcoming topics and dates.