Founded in 1665 in Paris, Saint-Gobain is a member of the Fortune Global 500 and one of the top 100 most innovative companies. Originally a mirror manufacturer who produced the glass for the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles in 1678, it now also produces a variety of construction materials, glass, ceramics, high-performance plastics, abrasives, etc.

With a history that stretches back over 350 years Saint-Gobain has a long-established reputation for products found everywhere in our daily lives: in cars and infrastructure, and high-performance materials for many industrial applications.

The Group opened an Asia-Pacific market in 1972 and has been active in 14 different countries, running more than 80 production sites.

EP Equipment Li-ion Electric Trucks 

In the Chinese market, having previously cooperated with many premium brands for material handling, Saint-Gobain decided on turning to more cost-effective and environmentally friendly domestic alternatives in 2019.

Many considerations must be weighed when it comes to selecting a new brand with which to do business. For instance, is this new domestic brand as reliable as the imported one and competent enough to ensure the entire supply chain operates flawlessly from delivery of the fragile materials, to production and distribution? Or How can this brand help substantially reduce the operating costs, boost efficiency and at the same time eliminate carbon footprint?

Saint-Gobain knew EP from the dealers in China and learned about its great reputation and expertise in the Li-ion electric forklift truck industry. Furthermore, there is a wide range of trucks available for different applications.

Li-ion Electric Forklift Truck

High-performance electric trucks for high maintenance materials

Saint-Gobain, therefore, met EP shortly after and received customized solutions based on individual requirements. The journey of cooperation between the two companies has officially begun in Jan. 2019.

According to Saint-Gobain’s manufacturing plants, EP recommended CPD30L1, which is known for its powerful drive motor that ensures high productivity over long-distance transport in large warehouses. The large load capacity of 3000kg enables the trucks to handle heavier materials like abrasives. Saint-Gobain pays great attention to the driver’s comfort and safety. The CPD301L comes with the largest legroom in the industry, offering better ergonomics in long shifts. Less physical strain leads to fewer mistakes in operation, which is of vital importance when hauling fragile loads such as glass or ceramics. As for the congested space indoors, the flexible CPD15TV8 helps a great deal with its extremely small turning radius. This three-wheel electric forklift can drive and turn effortlessly in narrow aisles. CQE15R is an electric stacker also with a small turning radius. It is the ideal tool for precise and stable stacking with fragile cargo in tight space and a high shelf with a lifting height of 3 meters. EP’s electric trucks are designed to improve safety and efficiency for all sorts of applications. That’s why it’s the best choice for handling high maintenance materials.

Li-ion Electric Trucks | EP Equipment

Saint-Gobain is a very environmentally conscious company and continues to explore the possibility of using li-ion electric trucks. EP also strongly believes that lithium-ion is the safest and most reliable power supply on a global level. After a year of cooperation with EP, Saint-Gobain is getting rid of the lead-acid batteries gradually. Up till now more than 90% of the trucks it rented from EP are equipped with maintenance-free Li-ion batteries as standard, which enables opportunity charging and can be fast-charged several times during work hours to maintain productivity for a full 8-hour shift. In addition, the operation is easy even for new operators.   Taken all together, li-ion trucks are more cost-effective choices compared to lead-acid ones in the long term.

Intelligent system and personalized service 

The outstanding performance of EP’s li-ion electric trucks has greatly strengthened Saint-Gobain’s confidence in li-ion technology and help tackle the challenging operating process in warehouses. In the meantime, EP’s innovative telematics system allows the head office to get a better grasp on the condition of the trucks swiftly and easily in real-time. The telematics fleet management system gleans information such as the location of trucks, truck fault records, battery condition, and allows operators to view the data on the system. Trucks can be activated and deactivated remotely through this system as well. This brilliant system is not the only factor gaining the favor of Saint-Gobain, EP also provides customized solutions to satisfy higher security requirements whereas other brands do not. Saint-Gobain places a high level of value on customer satisfaction and EP is a like-minded partner in this respect.

Li-ion Electric Trucks | EP Equipment

Expectations for further cooperation

EP is honored for the recognition from Saint-Gobain, the time-tested Fortune 500 brand, says the sales director Mr.Wang from EP. And this achievement can not be separated from EP’s excellent productivity on innovative technology, high-quality cost-effective products, and considerate customized after-sales service, he notes. Saint-Gobain promised to continue the partnership with EP in 2021.EP is also looking forward to enhancing the cooperation with Saint-Gobain in the future and impressing it with consummate products and services.