iF Design Award 2019The iF Product design award was introduced first in 1954 and has been a growing institution for good design ever since. Several market leading manufacturers like Jungheinrich, Toyota and many others have participated in this prestigious competition.

EP sends its newest product into the race

WPL201 Li-Ion Pallet TruckIn 2019 EP Equipment entered the competition with a groundbreaking new product, the WPL201 Li-Ion pallet truck. The WPL 201 does not only appear in a unique, appealing design, it also combines design with innovative features that solve several problems of traditional electric pallet trucks.

Great new features

Based on 48V brushless DC technology, this truck comes with increased gradeability and power, plug&play Li-Ion battery and a world unique plug&play controller. To ensure low TCO and simple service, the controller of the WPL201 can be exchanged single-handed to reduce service time for the customer. With its 48V/ 36Ah plug&play Li-Ion Battery, the truck can run through a full shift without charging and work around the clock with opportunity charging. The WPL 201 also comes with a completely new plug&play tiller head, designed by EP Equipment for the highest requirements in ergonomics and serviceability.

WPL201 Li-Ion Pallet Truck

Shortest 2to pallet truck in the world

In addition to these great features, the WPL 201 Lithium Ion pallet truck is also the shortest in the world. At a size of only 423mm, it is much shorter than any of its competitors and better for use in narrow aisles as well as for loading and unloading of HGVs.

Winning the iF Design Award 2019

To win the iF Design Award is a big honour for EP Equipment and we are proud about our development and design team who constantly strive to create innovative products while keeping our an eye for nice design. With the WPL201 EP proves once again, that Chinese manufacturing can play a leading role in innovation and design for a whole industry.

The iF Design Award Night 2019

Together with our German distribution partner, EP representatives travelled to Munich to celebrate the iF Design Award Night 2019. A truly impressive event with companies from around the world participating to celebrate great achievements in product design. With several companies attending for several years we were impressed by the long history of the iF Design award. We found ourself among companies like Bosch, BMW, Porsche, Wechat, MAN, Jungheinrich and many others. For us, it was a great experience and we are looking forward to coming back with new, innovative products that continue to earn the iF Design award for the upcoming years.

EP wins IF Design Award 2019 EP wins IF Design Award 2019 EP wins IF Design Award 2019 EP wins IF Design Award 2019EP wins IF Design Award 2019 EP wins IF Design Award 2019 EP wins IF Design Award 2019 EP wins IF Design Award 2019 EP wins IF Design Award 2019 EP wins IF Design Award 2019