The year 2018 starts and it is time to look back on the results of 2017 with all its special moments for EP Equipment. We want to thank all of you for the support and efforts you took in the last 12 month to make the year 2017 such a success!

Record breaking in sales and production

EP's Record in 2017

In all past years EP Equipment achieved significant growth in all segments and regions and 2017 was no exception. After the strong numbers of 2016 with 33.000 units in sales and production, EP Equipment set out to increase its numbers 2017 once again. With an ambitious plan to crack the 40.000 units, we knew we had a tough challenge in front of us. But what we achieved in 2017, nobody could foresee. The results are overwhelming. Together with our great partners all around the world, we not only achieved the target but  produced a record breaking 50.000 units in 2017. With the support of all of our dealers and our strong team in the factory, we managed to deliver at a steady lead time with increased quality control and continuous improvement of our products. A big thanks to everyone supporting our activities.

Outlook on 2018

After such an exciting year 2017, we are very much looking forward to work hard in cooperation with our worldwide partners. At several big trade shows like Logimat in Stuttgart and Cemat in Hannover EP Equipment will show the newest generation of Lithium Ion products as well as a range of other revolutionary products. Stay tuned for more information.

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